The Mystery ThinkPad English EU Layout

If you live in Europe and order a ThinkPad directly from Lenovo, there are many options for different keyboard layouts. In the Swedish store there are the obvious ones, Swedish, German, UK and so forth. But there is also this mystery English EU/Europe layout with no additional information on what it is. After doing some research, I found out that the layout is the American US layout, but with an additional icon for €.

I picked this layout when ordering my new X1 Carbon and I can confirm the only difference between the English EU layout and a regular English US layout is that on the number 4 key, both have a $ icon above the number, but in addition, the EU also has a € icon to the right of the number.

When ordering from Lenovo in Europe, the regular US layout is missing from the list of options, so this is the only way for us to get a keyboard from the factory with an ANSI based layout instead of ISO. If you’ve ever looked at another region’s keyboards and noticed that the enter key is another shape, that is because of the difference between ANSI/ISO.

Choosing between an ANSI and ISO layout from the factory is most important on models like the X1 Carbon where the keyboard is not separate, but instead the key holes are drilled through the case of the laptop. This means that if you wanted to later switch between ANSI and ISO, buying a simple replacement keyboard is not enough. The whole case part around the keys also has to be replaced with one with the correct holes to fit your layout.

So if you live in Europe and want an American ANSI layout on your keyboard. Pick the English EU keyboard layout directly from Lenovo when ordering your brand new ThinkPad.